Sunday, October 11, 2009

First blog post

Here I go with my first art post. As you'll see I tend to lean towards late 60's-early 70's retro in my style. I grew up on that stuff and I'd still like to see that look being sold on the stands.

I'm still in the learning curve of posting on a blog, so this group will be simple and straightforward. Later, I'll begin posting sequential story pages, layouts, etc. Until then, please enjoy some simple pin up shots. Here we go..... on a pic for the enlarged version.

Hats, anyone? These were drawn to cut and paste on character heads a few years back. The project died, but the hats remain.

Wizard conjuring a she-demon. Penciled several years back, but not inked up until yesterday.

The dragon. Part of a series of pencil sketches I did several years ago for a friend. She was taking a class in web design and decided to take on Beowulf, the website. Again, inked yesterday.

Grendel. Also from the Beowulf drawings, and also finished yesterday. The original pencils were never intended to be inked, but sometimes I can't resist the urge to slap some inks on any pencils within reach.

Vampire couple. These young lovers give a whole new meaning to the phrase "fast food". They were originally in the page layouts I did for a vampire story. I liked them enough to invite them over to my blog. They wouldn't dress formal, but I insisted on a new inkjob.


  1. Your work is outstanding!

  2. Thank you, Steve. I had a website for years, but I'm getting more feedback from this free blog. Who would've thought?