Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Swords, Shamans, and Squishy aliens.....

On this week's menu we're back to pencil-burgers. The un-named characters sprinkled throughout were created for the express purpose of cobbling together five pages of continuity pie, to be served up as samples. The main ingredient is science fiction/fantasy, to give this dish an exotic flavor. The ailing Queen Whats-her-name sends the hulking warrior Who'sis on an interdimensional trip, via Shaman[Abraca-pokus] to battle an alien threat [we'll call them Grem-loids from the planet with the golden arches]. Along the way, Who'sis picks up a traveling companion[Debbie] with a sob story* [*flashback included. No assembly required]. Can Who'sis survive the battle and catch the next flight home on the Shaman Express [without getting airsick]? I dunno..I wrote it, and I don't know....Who'sis, you're on your own.......CHECK PLEASE!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

RADical TERROR....

This week's art buffet is a tasty morsel sporting pencils by AC Comics editor-artist Mark Heike, with inks by yours truly. It's a tale of AC's bad boy and girl, the Black Terror and Rad. The pair is on the trail of a mad scientist with a penchant for genetics and cloning in particular. In case you're wondering, the child on page one is the doctor himself, in a cloned duplicate of Rad's late son. Rad is not the most stable of persons, so this revelation leads to some emotional displays in the course of the story. But emotion is the sweet and sour sauce of literature. Spicy, tangy,...OOPS!! Here comes the health inspector......gotta run....catch ya next time........

The characters in this story are copyright 2009 AC comics, all rights reserved, preserved, and deserved. Would you like some sauce on that?

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I'm starting December off with a story featuring the most sparkling, decorative member of the FemForce..Stardust. Why her in December? Because all that sparkle reminds me of a Christmas tree [Ba-dum-bum-Tsssshhhh..]. Aaaanyway, all FemForce characters are copyright 2009 AC Comics, all rights reserved. You go ahead and enjoy the story, I gotta get my egg-noggin examined.....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November Buffet, part 2

Welcome back to the buffet. Grab a tray and dig in. Today's specialty is comprised of work I've done for Joe Martino from JGM Comics. First off is a trio of pages cooked up lightly in olive oil to pad out the big fight scene at the end of a Shadowflame trade paperback. That villain sure is crunchy, isn't he? Before eleven A.M., he'd be toast!

Next is a trio of penciled and peppered pages from the tasty Ripperman book I'm currently brewing up in my artistic kitchen. They haven't had their final coating of ink sauce, but they're smelling good already...

The characters served up in today's post are courtesy of Chef Joe Martino. Not only are they copyright 2009, but he doesn't want to have to tell you twice that all rights are reserved. Y'got that? Now wipe your got something on, to your left....

November buffet...belly up to the bar!

Today we're serving dishes cooked up by yours truly and writer Bobby Nash. The first course is a horror tale called Silent Scream: the haunting of Sara Grey, and it's topped with a generous helping of grey tone effects. Only two pages to a customer  [sorry, but that's as far as I got on it. Hey, some people need deadlines]. Served with a blood red wine.....

Our next course consists of the last two pages from a science fiction tale we call "the Garden". These are my two favorite pages from the story, and I think a little salad from "the Garden" is a good way to round out this meal, don't you?

All stories in this buffet are owned lock, stock and barrel by Master Chef, Bobby Nash. Copyright 2009. All rights were reserved months in advance. Such a waiting list.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nightveil does the Limbo

In this post, I'm sharing the very first thing I did for AC Comics. Written by publisher Bill Black, penciled-inked-and even lettered by yours truly. My first crack at the ladies of the FemForce, although there were only two members in this tale. This story set in Limbo was tailor made for the great Steve Ditko [nobody ever drew limbo better], but as he was unavailable, I did the job myself. I still can't help chuckling at the way Synn exits the giant stone cat. Like I've said many times, AC knows how to write a fun script.

If you enjoyed this story, hop on over to the AC web site and check out the many products they have to offer. To find it, Think your right on my blog.
Oh yeah, everything in this story is copyright 2009 AC Comics. All rights..and lefts reserved.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Titanic thumbnails....

A few years back a friend of mine and I decided to work up a portfolio showcasing the Titanic. The difference in our version would be to throw in the ghostly images of some unlucky passengers. Unfortunately, our projected time frame was a bit too tight, and the project was never finished. Most of the work never got past the thumbnail stage. Only one had reached completion before the end. I'll start with that one, showing progression from initial roughs to finished piece.
Below is a sheet of quick thumbnails trying to get the layout to a satisfactory stage before going on to a tighter version.

Once the initial layout was established, I went on to a tighter thumbnail to flesh out my thoughts.
Finally, I proceeded to the finished drawing.
Here is another thumbnail.....
And the final.
Images are copyright 2009 Alan Webb and Jeff Austin. All rights reserved.