Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FemForce versus Moon Mind Montague...No, really...

Here we have a chapter I penciled for another issue of FemForce. Each chapter in this issue was drawn by a different artist. In this one, the FemForce are captured by a fellow named Moon Mind Montague. Yes, that's right. Because everything's good with cheese in it, even super villains. And that's why I like working for AC. They never forget that the purpose of reading comics is to have FUN. It's escapism, pure and simple. Let other genres wax philosophical about life, I'll go for the cheese flavored eye candy every time.

So anyway, Ol' Moon Mind manages to capture the FemForce.....

....And proceeds to ramble for over two full pages about his brilliant plan. This guy is right out of the Silver Age, isn't he?
He's not one to allow a lack of height to get in the way of his success...

Suddenly, his gloat festival is cut short by an infiltrator of his secret base...that pistol packin' Momma, Colt!
Colt is subdued...just in time to return rant [via flashback], telling all how brilliantly she managed to sneak in...

But although she was captured, Colt had earlier managed to sabotage the gas-filled tubes that held the FemForce. Let the games begin....


Moon Mind -0
Th-th-th-that's all, FemFolks!


  1. Fun, fun, fun! I won't wax too philosophical, but great stuff-

  2. All this going through past pencils has me in the mood. I hinted at the AC editor a desire to fully illustrate a short FF story. His response..."okay".

  3. Also, I should mention I'm doing a retro-sci-fi story for Bobby Nash called Lance Star, Space Ranger. It's a throwback to the Buck Rogers era sci-fi of old. I'll have to post some pages soon.

  4. Thanky, sir. Those guys at AC can really write a fun script to draw. Wish all companies could do that.