Saturday, October 24, 2009

FemForce Versus Arajnu the Indestructible

This time I'm posting a large chunk of the first FemForce story I penciled. The FemForce was the first group book I ever drew, and I was surprised to find that I enjoyed working with multiple characters. Of course, it's not hard to see why I liked working with these particular characters.

This was the longest story I had ever penciled at the time. Full length, it was 24 pages. It was originally written to be 15 pages, but after I had penciled the first four it became obvious that the level of type was making the panels a bit crowded, so we expanded the page count. They say you never forget your first....full length story.....cough.

My apologies for the murky nature of the scans. I was penciling with non-photo blue lead to make it easier on the inker, but as you might imagine it's devilishly hard to get a decent scan of this elusive substance. I ended up turning the light setting wayyy down low to get something worth saving. It wasn't long before I gave up the non-photo and grabbed a standard pencil.

FYI, the artwork and characters in this post are copyright 2009 AC Comics. All rights reserved. So there.


  1. Sweet! I've always enjoyed this story.

  2. Yes, getting these scans ready to post struck a nostalgic feeling and reawakened my urge to pencil more. I've been wallowing in ink a lot lately. It's time to let loose the dogs of graphite.

  3. Awe-inspiring pages, but of course you know I have an affinity for this stuff. It's a shame the pencil art was not used for the printed story as it gives your work an added dimension.

  4. Thanks, Lon. I have to admit I've been falling into a lazy habit on some assignments of doing a tight layout, then printing it off to ink. Basically, I skip the finished pencils. When you're an old fashioned embellisher that can work. But I'm trying to get my hand back in practice with the graphite. The penciling stage can be very enjoyable, but I don't think mine are pretty enough to go straight to print.