Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tara goes Euro...

   These are pages from a Tara story by Rock Baker and myself. There are two points of interest concerning this. The first is the size at which I inked them. They were reduced to fit two pages side by side on a sheet of bristol board turned this.
   Why I had the urge to ink at a reduced size is a matter for mental health professionals to debate in years to come. I had inked at reduced size many times before. Suffice to say I now prefer full size.

   The other point is that I decided to try my hand at a European style of shading. I believe I was wallowing in issues of Heavy Metal at the time. I'm not at all sure I could call this a success. Still, it was fun to play with.

Here are some pages cropped for better viewing...


Tara is copyright 2012 AC Comics.

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  1. I think the shading was hugely successful. It looks great!