Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A touch of Italy...

This time my visual diner is on the road, traveling all the way to sunny Italy. This post features pages I've inked for stories by Italian Writer Enrico Teodorani. The first two are from a tasty little Calavera story complete with aliens AND zombies. How do we fit it all on one plate, you ask? Not easily....

The next few pages are from a Djustine story, with a layer of zombie melted to perfection on top. How can you not like a story with a big crowd of the undead, big guns and big

All characters displayed in this post are copyright 2010 Enrico Teodorani. All rights reserved. Censorship brand undergarments available this Spring in a shop near you.


  1. Censorship Brand Undergarments. I love that.

  2. I could be the restrictive fashion mogul.....