Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Wraith goes to Rio.

Here is a cover featuring the Dread Avenger from Down Under...the Wraith! Trinity Comic's crimefighter gets the star treatment with pencils by Al Rio...and inks by....some guy.... 

The Wraith is copyright 2010, Frank Dirsherl. All rights reserved. Step out of line, and that Wraith guy pays you a visit....


  1. Hey, I own a copy of that book. I've also had the distinct pleasure of writing for both you and Al and worked on Lance Star: Sky Ranger with Frank and with you (hint, hint). Full circle. :)

  2. Something like that. Now I just need to get Frank to let me write a Wraith story and it'll come full circle. :)

  3. Smokin' pencils and inks
    Great job!

  4. Thanks, Scott. I'm planning to retool this blog in the near future, so stop by again.