Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Swords, Shamans, and Squishy aliens.....

On this week's menu we're back to pencil-burgers. The un-named characters sprinkled throughout were created for the express purpose of cobbling together five pages of continuity pie, to be served up as samples. The main ingredient is science fiction/fantasy, to give this dish an exotic flavor. The ailing Queen Whats-her-name sends the hulking warrior Who'sis on an interdimensional trip, via Shaman[Abraca-pokus] to battle an alien threat [we'll call them Grem-loids from the planet with the golden arches]. Along the way, Who'sis picks up a traveling companion[Debbie] with a sob story* [*flashback included. No assembly required]. Can Who'sis survive the battle and catch the next flight home on the Shaman Express [without getting airsick]? I dunno..I wrote it, and I don't know....Who'sis, you're on your own.......CHECK PLEASE!!


  1. See what happens when you try to write? :)

  2. Merry Christmas, Enrico. Got the book in the mail. Thanks.

  3. You must be sick-ick...I mean psychic. I was just thinking that myself.