Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November buffet...belly up to the bar!

Today we're serving dishes cooked up by yours truly and writer Bobby Nash. The first course is a horror tale called Silent Scream: the haunting of Sara Grey, and it's topped with a generous helping of grey tone effects. Only two pages to a customer  [sorry, but that's as far as I got on it. Hey, some people need deadlines]. Served with a blood red wine.....

Our next course consists of the last two pages from a science fiction tale we call "the Garden". These are my two favorite pages from the story, and I think a little salad from "the Garden" is a good way to round out this meal, don't you?

All stories in this buffet are owned lock, stock and barrel by Master Chef, Bobby Nash. Copyright 2009. All rights were reserved months in advance. Such a waiting list.

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  1. Master Chef, Bobby Nash. I like that.
    Happy Thanksgiving.