Friday, November 6, 2009

Titanic thumbnails....

A few years back a friend of mine and I decided to work up a portfolio showcasing the Titanic. The difference in our version would be to throw in the ghostly images of some unlucky passengers. Unfortunately, our projected time frame was a bit too tight, and the project was never finished. Most of the work never got past the thumbnail stage. Only one had reached completion before the end. I'll start with that one, showing progression from initial roughs to finished piece.
Below is a sheet of quick thumbnails trying to get the layout to a satisfactory stage before going on to a tighter version.

Once the initial layout was established, I went on to a tighter thumbnail to flesh out my thoughts.
Finally, I proceeded to the finished drawing.
Here is another thumbnail.....
And the final.
Images are copyright 2009 Alan Webb and Jeff Austin. All rights reserved.


  1. This brings back memories-I had almost forgotten this project. I wish we could have finished this as it was shaping up nicely. Seems I remember another finished piece but I may be wrong. The realized theme represented in the plates was very dramatic and eerie and quite gothic.

  2. The only other piece I found was a thumbnail of a ghostly gentleman pacing in his cabin. I think we decided it wasn't clear on what was going on. Still seems that way when I look at it. I had laid out the shot of the ship with the ghostly smoke, but never finished the pencils.

  3. I like the pencils of the girls standing onthe sea floor with the doll's head in the foreground. The shading technique really works better for me in the pencils than the inked version. Still, both look good.


  4. I actually agree with you. It's another example of me not being able to catch that certain something I had in the original sketch. Nowadays I would just straight ink the rough to preserve as much of it as I could. But we learn as we go.

  5. You agree with me? I better mark this day on my calendar. :)

  6. It's immortalized here for as long as this blog exists.

  7. These are great! Love the flying fish. :)

  8. Those fish are swimming, Berni...unless the Titanic ran aground on a beach somewhere.... :)