Tuesday, January 1, 2013


   Here's my take on a Kirby Hulk piece. It was inked on tracing paper. That didn't used to bother me. Now I prefer solid drawing papers. Much easier to get a good scan, anyway.

The pencils...

The inks...

The Hulk is copied right to Marvel Comics. Alright, alright, it's reserved...


  1. Very nicely done, Jeff. I restored some Kirby art for a couple of the Masterworks volumes just before they were cancelled (Vol 27 was the last one, although they were revived a few years later). A commenter on my blog (who obviously doesn't like me) tried to diminish my contributions by dismissing them as 'Kirby tracings'. You and I both know that pages like yours and mine are far more than that, eh?

  2. Sadly, Kid, some don't get [or won't get] the true nature of inking. Pencilers get it. Thanks for the kind words.