Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Okay, this is fun..for me at least. I'm starting with two figure layouts. I've printed out six copies and each day I'll do them up in different ways. The layout...

And, different take, day one....
    On the left, the Language Bot B-28. Capable of recognizing 4000 known languages in the galaxy.

    On the right, Brutus. A little known fact is that Ceasar used to rag Brutus daily about his height. No wonder he joined in on the killing, eh?

...Day 2...On the left is Moses Muscles, and his agent to the right, Shorty Ingersoll. Moses was a cham-peen fighter, til he and Shorty were caught rigging bets. Now they're hiding out in a travelling circus, Moses as the strong man and Shorty as the world's shortest clown.

...Day 3...One of the less popular hero teams...the Rabid Skunk and his sidekick Stinker.

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