Friday, May 28, 2010

Back from Slacker's Hell....

Hi there. Remember me? You must, or you wouldn't be here...right? I'm back from my procrasti-vacation with a serving of potluck stew for you, and you, and you........even you.

First off, we have a blast from my past...a rhyming story from the late 80's. Another phase I went through, like swimming through Jello. Much plans for these things, but no follow through on the swing. FORE!!
.....The next image shows that when I go trolling for art to post, I really go TROLLing..... impromptu Halloween card.....
A tight rough for a poster-print that I started working on several times, but never could bring to a satisfying least...not yet.....
...My first attempt at creating a 3-D image......
....Another print idea. It's finished, but unused as yet....
A Christmas card drawn for a sister & family several years back. Yes, if you knew them, you WOULD recognize them from this card.

Well, ladies and... whatever else lurks out there in Cyberland...I've run out of pics for the present. Check back in sometime for more from the ever changing menu....

All images in this post are, as you might suspect, copyright 2010 Jeff Austin. All rights reserved, preserved, deserved, and seemingly undisturbed.


  1. Hey Jeff! You rock!


  2. You were MIA for a long time, Jeff. I was starting to get a little worried! Love the 'jungle queen' poster! The traditionalist in me also likes the Christmas card. Peace on Earth....

  3. Thanks, Rock. No need to be worried. I'm back. Working on the FemForce stuff you penciled.

  4. Ooh, if its the pages I'm thinking of, I can't wait to see 'em!

  5. Well it's about time, ya slacker. :) I recognize most of these. I don't believe I've seen the Jungle Queen one before. Nice stuff, as usual.