Friday, March 5, 2010

Ali Baster

Today's helping is strange and exotic. Let's see if I can sum this up properly. This is the story about a man who has been changed into a beautiful woman by a genie, and is living the good life in a king's harem. He-She divides his-her time between eating like a horse and avoiding the prince's sexual advances. Hmmm...

Anyway, the art is by Rock Baker and you know who. Enjoy....
Ali Baster is...I believe...copyright 2010 AC Comics. All rights reserved. If this is incorrect, please e-mail me for a quick change in creds. Shuh-ZAMM!


  1. Thanks for posting these pages, Jeff! It seems like so long ago that I drew these pencils, it was only my third or fourth story. As weird as the subject is, I loved getting to do some pages with a more animated style to the art. I hope you had as much fun inking them as I did drawing them. (Granted, I'll be happy if I never again have to draw a 'man' with a nice duff!)

  2. Rock, I enjoyed working on the Eastern clothing and such. It WAS a kinky little concept. Haven't seen that character show up since. :)